From Generation to Generation

From Generation to GenerationBella Vista Restaurant is pleased and honored to be the only restaurant with more than 50 years of continuous service to the public in San Salvador.

Since opening in 1947, the old building had only one bar or bar area, then expanded the building and opened a restaurant area.

In 1969 the restaurant got new owners, and briefly closed for remodeling. Opening its doors again, with two dining rooms and an exclusive bar.

In 1986 because of the terrible earthquake that struck our country, the restaurant building was completely destroyed.

At a Board meeting and family, decided to make an effort to reconstruct, and how phoenix from the rubble, there was this beautiful building designed and built by architect Lorena Morales Palomo.

After two years of paperwork, construction and landscape design, the Bella Vista restaurant and its owners were pleased to open its doors again on October 21, 1988.

In 1988 the restaurant, proudly undertook another renovation and can offer your clients and guests the services of "La Cantina", bar Jazz, Adult Contemporary where you can enjoy in a cozy atmosphere of music and a dance floor.

Currently, the bar area, gardens and restaurant can accommodate weddings, meetings and seminars for up to 150 people. The Board of Bella Vista's main objective is to create and maintain a unique atmosphere inside the restaurant, with its murals of Old San Salvador and our Bella Vista Volcano of San Salvador, San Salvador and its environs.

Bella Vista offers a la carte, international cuisine and Latin flavor, service and unparalleled customer service.

We hope you enjoy your visit and return back to Bella Vista Restaurant, we are here to serve you.

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